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Philip Weiss

Frankfurt am Main
Shortly after he finished film school, Philip founded his company, metricminds, in 2001. He chose Frankfurt, his home town, as its location. His professional focus was always primarily on story telling, inspired by the combination of reality and virtuality.

metricminds was founded in 2001 by managing partner Philip Weiss. During his time in film school and his prior career, Philip was (and is) fascinated by the concept of ‚Willing Suspension of Disbelief‘. It is the phenomenon that lets us enjoy a book, a movie or a game by deciding to forget reality and to immerse ourselves into the story presented. This usually works well until something unexpected happens: the book’s story takes too twisted a turn, a microphone boom comes into the movie’s frame or a character’s animations do not match what was established earlier in the game’s experience. Our main goal at metricminds is to help our clients tell their stories while keeping up the Immersion (or Suspension of Disbelief) in the Player. There are two main factors that contribute to success in this endeavor: Technical Capability and Creative Potential. Anything technical can be measured and Creativity is derived from Thinking. Hence the name metricminds.We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We therefore aim to spend the necessary time and effort to truly understand your goals and visions in the beginning of a project. At the same time, we aim to build individual ways of communicating with you in order to ensure that our perception of your vision is always aligned with yours.